WordCamp Vienna is Tomorrow!

Can you believe it? It’s already today, aka the day before tomorrow, or the day that will be remembered as the last day ever in Vienna without a WordCamp!

In other words: WordCamp Vienna 2015 is tomorrow!

We just wanted to share the excitement with you, and also send a few practical info:

  • You don’t need to print anything, the registration is electronic.
  • Registration starts at 8.30, try to be there before 9.15 to not miss anything.
  • We’ll provide snacks, coffee, wifi, electricity for your devices, and lunch, so you don’t need to bring anything special.
  • It happens here.

Plan to stay with us until 18:00, and if you can even more as we have organised a party for all attendees, speakers, and sponsors just after the event, at 19:00, not far from the venue. We’ll share all the details tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

The WordCamp Vienna Team