Thank you to DigitalWerk for being a Gold sponsor

Our valued sponsors help support the WordPress open source project by donating to WordCamp Vienna. Without them this event simply would not be possible. We are grateful to DigitalWerk for providing us with their support!

DigitalWerk is one of Austria’s leading web agencies. To create sites that propel brands to the next level is their calling. At DigitalWerk, experts in design, online marketing and web development work in close collaboration to create compelling messages and imagery that get noticed.

DigitalWerk has created many award-winning WordPress-based master pieces such as,, or its own site With Michael Schumacher’s site, DigitalWerk managed to prove that – when treated with knowhow – WordPress can handle multi-million page visits in one day. Performance and Security are key issues in DigitalWerk.

All of the agency’s websites are custom-built. The precise scope and features depend on specific (Online) Marketing goals and needs. Precise and clean programming is a major focus of backend work. The frontend is where DigitalWerk really shines, however – designers work on effects, animations and other features until they are visually and functionally perfect.

After site launch, no project is regarded as “finished”. Online marketing experts undertake measures to boost site visibility in line with the online strategy. DigitalWerk is an official Google & Facebook partner agency.