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WordPress is growing globally – are you?

Increase your audience by writing translation ready plugins and themes
WordPress is growing every day – from 18% of the web in 2013 to 23% in 2014. In 2014, with the release of WordPress 4.0, international downloads surpassed English downloads for the first time.

Some of the largest portions of non English downloads come from countries where English is not an option at all. For software creators this means that if your product is not localized, it’s not going to be used at all.

This talk clarifies the terms internationalisation (i18n) and localisation (l10n) and explains the benefits of writing translation-ready plugins and themes. It also provides advice for small business owners, plugin and theme developers on how to grow their international community and create their product evangelists outside of the English speaking world, which can exponentially lead to product growth alongside the core project.

How to properly split-test your WP website

The presentation will cover and list the needed steps to make a statistically valid split test on WordPress website which will improve the business. The usual pitfalls with test length, validity, proper preparation, alignment with business strategy will be covered and solutions provided. Tools for the testing process would be shortly covered as well.

React and Flux for WordPress Developers

React.js and Flux by Facebook shook the JavaScript world by rethinking the basic approach to reacting to data changes. This new approach is extremely important for WordPress developers in the age of the modern REST API.

Building themes with the WP REST API

With the REST API shortly due to be merged into WordPress core, this will be a talk/workshop about advanced theming techniques that allow theme developers to utilise it. The session will take the shape of a background to the WP REST API and how it works, and an exploration of building themes that mix best practice, current theming techniques with pioneering theming techniques of the future.

Client Driven Creation

How do you develop a process where your client is a partner in creation?

Learn to manage expectations, facilitate communication and provide results.

Contributing to WordPress

When someone tells you that anyone can contribute to WordPress you may not believe them, but in this talk I will show you how this is true.

Jenny will show you how you do not have to be a developer to contribute back to the open source project we all love so much, explain the different ways this is possible, how to set up and upcoming events that makes contributing back so easy.

This talk is aimed anyone, regardless of skill set and ability, who has not contributed to the WordPress project or any open source project before.

WordPress Responsive and Fast: Speed Index < 1000

How to make your responsive WordPress site render in less than a second.

A step by step walkthrough of how to reach this critical goal on a responsive WordPress based site.

Server side and front end key principles that you can put into practice on your very own WordPress site.

Vagrant: disposable developer environments made easy

Managing several projects in one machine can be painful and limiting:

  • upgrades and experiments are discouraged for the risk of messing up the whole development environment
  • sharing work with other colleagues can be difficult
  • project setup in not so small teams can be a waste of time

Vagrant offers an easy way to create and manage a dedicated virtual machine. Every WordPress instance can now be run in a fully isolated environment, saving time and headaches.

How to seduce Google with your WordPress site

Tips and tricks on how to easily improve the ranking of your WordPress website in Google.

* What is important in 2015 for a top Google ranking
* Know your customer or target group
* What NOT to forget
* What to avoid – “Here be Dragons”!
* Tools to help check your website

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